Lite-On Semiconductor Corp (TWSE : 5305) was established in 1990, with head quarters located in Neihu, Taipei City, and our sales & production network include :Keelung, Hsin Chu Science park, Wuxi and Shanghai in China. We will continue to establish more sales and technical support centers in China and other Asia Pacific region to better serve and expand our customers.

Lite-On Semiconductor Corp design, develop , package and test a wide series of green power related semiconductor components that are mainly applied on communications, information, consumer electronics products' switching power supply and system power supply. LSC is the global largest AC/DC GPP Bridge supplier since 2011. We can quickly combine our discrete & Analog ICs from our Green Power Platform to build different power management solutions to enhance power efficiency our customers request.

Power savings is an inevitable global trend that has expanded its influence into the household appliances and consumer products that will further drive global power management solution demand. LSC aims to become one of the best Green Power Semiconductor components Supplier globally through a continuous effort to expand the breadth and depth of our products on our Green Power Platform.

The company also owns about 16% of Diodes Inc (Nasdaq listed : DIOD) as of December 31st, 2017, which is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete and semiconductor markets.


Contact Image Sensor  (CiS)  is an input device widely applied on Multi-Functions Peripherals, fax machines etc. Liteon Semiconductor Corp., assembled rod lens, LED light source and sensor IC chip to form the CIS module.

CIS react to the brightness of a document through an intact optical electronic module in a 1:1 scanning ratio. They thereby excel in making light weight, slim and compact devices of uncluttered structure that is easy to set up and use.  In addition, its lower power consumption and cost made it a mainstream employment.

Our experienced R&D team will also customized our sensor module design accordingly to fully meet our customers' expectations in addition to the wide range of resolution designs offered

Enjoy a better experience of Optical / Touching sense technology. Liteon-Semi Corp (LSC) Integrated Solution ICs take users interacting with devices by instinct


We offer product ranging from Standard Rectifiers and Fast / Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers to Schottky Rectifiers, Fast Recovery Bridge, Schottky Bridge, MOSFET, TVS and Small Signal Products series.

Lite-On Semiconductor Corp., currently manufactures semiconductors in a 6" wafer fab located at Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsin-chu, Taiwan. This fab offers a range of qualified and proven technologies on High Voltage CMOS and Bipolar. With class 1&10 quality-controlled environment and 38,000 pieces of production capacity per month, we guarantee high quality wafers output and flexible production for broad spectrum of products. Additionally, combining with customer's technologies installed for volume orders, our strong capabilities mean that any customer's requirement can be met. The short turn-around time in the stage of prototype, to the fast cycle time in mass production, we reduce customer's time to market and maximize the flow of wafer production