OasisTek is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of LED technology, including LED displays, LED lamps and SMD LED’s. With an integrated supply chain, OasisTek is able to provide product development and diversified manufacturing services to a global market. We are also able to offer advanced PCB manufacturing services. Our products are suitable for a range of applications, both of a commercial and industrial nature, including lighting products, home appliances, medical instruments, information displays, billboards, street lighting and automotive applications. In addition, we can offer customised manufacturing services for all your LED requirements.

Founded in 1974 in Taiwan, we have grown to become known for our high quality products and reliable service proven by our ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949, and http://www.oasistek.com/en/oasistek/img/ul.pngUL certifications. Oasistek was established by the founder and chairman, Mr. Ming-Shun Lee in 1974. With the corporate philosophy of “simplicity, integrity, reliability, precision, progress and innovation”, it was committed to production, research and development in light emitting diode and LED related components such as plastic molds, plastic injections, PCB and LED packaging.

To enhance the LED component manufacturing services, Oasistek implemented upstream/downstream vertical integration of professional technology, with the followings products listed in the key development.




  • Commercial Lighting
  • Indoor Lighting