We spark the imagination of device manufacturers with top-of-the-line building blocks of the digital area, powering billions of devices, and through them, touching the lives of people around the world every day. Samsung promises cutting-edge components services, TCO solutions and technical services with the widest product portfolio in the industry and adds value through our flexibility to collaborate with customers and partners, leveraging resources throughout the product development process.

Innovating Today to Power the Devices of Tomorrow 

Our semiconductor solutions are the engines that power today’sdevices,
and they are the essence of innovation that brings ideas to life




As the memory industry leader for more than two decades, Samsung has continued pioneering milestone DRAM technologies since the early 1980s. Samsung’s leading-edge DRAM solutions are widely used in today’s most up-to-date digital devices, based on the solutions’ industry-leading performance, density and energy-efficiency. Samsung has been providing the industry’s first DRAM solutions based on 10nm-class process and HBM2 memory for use in applications ranging from High-Performance Computing (HPC), advanced graphics and network systems, next-generation datacenters, enterprise servers and artificial intelligence that deal with data-intensive applications including real-time analytics, high-frequency trading and artificial intelligence.



NAND Flash

Samsung has been an innovator in flash memory technologies, offering a host of high-performance, high-density, high-reliability data storage solutions for use in PCs, enterprise storage, mobile devices, branded SSDs and external memory cards.

Since 2013, Samsung’s industry-first 3D V-NAND technology has overcome the challenges posed for former data storage devices and secured optimal performance, density and reliability. In particular, Samsung’s V-NAND SSDs offer unprecedented scalability that will continue to address the ever-increasing needs for data processing and storage systems.





Application Processor

Samsung's Exynos family, a line-up of mobile APs, is designed to power the devices of today across the IT landscape, from premium mobile devices to automotives and IoT applications. Available with the industry’s first 14nm and 10nm FinFET process technologies respectively, as well as the latest LTE modem and connectivity solutions, Samsung’s flagship APs bring outstanding performance and power efficiency to meet a wide range of requirements of today’s smart and connected devices.

Image Sensor

Through advanced mobile imaging technologies, Samsung’s ISOCELL image sensors enable DSLR-level photography experiences with excellent color and brightness, fast auto focus and diverse dual-camera solutions on today’s mobile devices. Samsung’s image sensors, when used for automotive applications, also offer safe driving experiences with clearer views and accurate object detection.





Samsung is a leading provider of LSI solutions that include security ICs, DDIs, smart card ICs, PMICs and Bio-processors for use in smartphones, consumer electronics and other emerging applications. Samsung excels in this area, thanks to its design capabilities in diverse sectors, top-notch certification standards and a comprehensive portfolio of enabling logic semiconductors that meet the demands of innovation across industries.